Don’t Start Building Your Guest House Without Reading This First! Find Out Here The Mistakes To Be Sure You Avoid When Building It

If you are looking to build up the functionality of your property while possibly increasing its value, building a guest house is a great option! Guest housing expands the usefulness of your property and also makes it appear larger than it really is. It can also be one of the best returns on investment that you can build without too many government contingencies. However, there are some things that you need to know before you start. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when building a guest house.

Are you properly extending the HVAC system?

One of the primary ways to make a guest house a home is making sure the inside environment is perfect. Make sure that you extend your HVAC capabilities into the new structure. This will also help you to avoid mold and mildew buildup.

Are you leaving space for storage?

Your guest house will likely be smaller than your actual house, and this means your guests will need even better storage space in order to make use of the floor plan. Modern architecture is great at using nooks and crannies that could not serve any other purpose as a storage space. Hire someone efficient in contemporary style in order to maximize on the style.

Are you planning the house with no style?

Your guest house should not be the equivalent of the rubber chicken dinner. Give it a style so that your guests will have an experience that is special. Give every room a purpose, and make them fit together with a definite esthetic.

Is the house well-lit?

Because the house may be on another part of your property without natural light, you may need to increase the window size. Skylights are another feature that can add style and maintain the light that you need to make a great guest house experience.

Have you made accommodations for children and elderly people?

You may have guests with children and some without. However, you should have a room that is made to accommodate kids so that you will be prepared for all contingencies. Elderly guests may also need certain accommodations such as lower rails, non-slippery floors, and lower shelves. The way to accommodate the elderly in your guest home is to build the features of the house for elderly people first, and people with more hand eye coordination will naturally be able to use them as well.

Are the rooms organized in a natural way that just “flows”?

You’ll want to build the house with a layout that makes sense. For example, you don’t want to build a home in which one cannot find the laundry room. Remember that your guests will only be there for a short time, and they will not have time to get acclimated and use the house fully.


  • We make a serious annual profit from our guest house. And, we had one already when we bought the house. I don’t know that I’d go through the effort of building one with the sole intention of renting it out. I’d only do it if it would ultimately increase the value of my property when and if I decided to sell.

    • Hi Catherine! What you’re saying makes perfect sense. You can earn a profit by building a guest house with the intention of renting it out, but whether or not you will make a profit (and how much of one) will depend on many factors. The most prevalent factor is how much it cost you to build it. If you are building in order to rent it out, it wouldn’t make much sense to install top of the line features, for example.

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